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Where do i put engine coolant? 1

Where Do I Put Engine Coolant?

Always consult the equipment owner’s manual and follow safety instructions before operating or servicing tractors or equipment, or attempting a task.

What type of coolant does a Kubota tractor use?

Where do I store engine coolant?

Many cars also have a warning symbol on the cap so as not to open it when the engine is still hot or running. Since the engine coolant has been selected for its compatibility with the materials used in a vehicle’s engine, using the wrong type will damage the engine and internal cooling system components. Examine the contents of the hood, paying close attention to the front of the vehicle where the radiator is located. Mixing different types of coolant can reduce the effectiveness of the corrosion inhibitor and damage your engine.

Like replacing windshield wiper fluid, adding engine oil, and inflating your tires, adding antifreeze is a simple maintenance project that most drivers can easily complete.