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Can a trailer hitch be removed? 1

Can A Trailer Hitch Be Removed?

Removing a hitch is a fairly simple process that can be done in about an hour with some common workshop tools. Due to the weight of the tow bar and the position under the vehicle, care must be taken and supported securely when removing the screws. Once installed, no one removes the entire hitch from a vehicle. I’ve never seen or heard anyone do this for seasonal use.

However, to install a towbar-mounted bike rack, the hitch must be a trailer hitch. Leaving your hitch ball on your vehicle increases your hitch ball’s exposure to the elements. If the ball mount on your tow bar is rusted, don’t hit it with a sledgehammer. Binding can occur when the trailer and towing vehicle are not on level ground, or when the towing vehicle is flat and the trailer is not (or vice versa).